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  • How do I use StimSalts?
    Hold the bottle 2-3 inches below your nose. Make sure to angle the bottle towards your nose for better results. Squeeze the bottle and inhale steadily. The harder you squeeze the stronger the effect will be. Don't forget to secure the cap tightly while not in use, this allows the salts to stay fresh and charge up for your next use.
  • Are StimSalts Safe?
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), no adverse health effects have been found in humans from low levels of exposure to ammonia. At higher levels of exposure, ammonia can irritate the throat, lungs, eyes, and skin causing coughing and burns. Using Stimsalts properly and in moderation, should not result in a person reaching high levels of exposure to ammonia. We recommend stopping use if any discomfort is felt and consulting a doctor if you have any concerns before use. Stimsalts have not been approved by the FDA.
  • Why does my bottle not have any kick?
    If your bottle seems to have no kick within the first month of use make sure to shake well from side to side not up and down. This will break apart any of the clumping that naturally occurs within the formula. If the bottle still has no effect, leave the cap on tightly and allow the bottle to recharge for a couple of hours. The ammonia will naturally refill within the bottle for the next use.
  • I have other questions!
    Don't worry, you can contact us at our business email ( or call (440-610-0203) with any other questions or concerns. Hours of operation are at the bottom of the website, our team typically responds within 24 hours after contact!
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